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Motion Graphics/Animation Videos

Creating more exciting and effective business communication

Our successful partnership with various entities that specialize in branded video content production (e.g. Flying Fox Films), technical & business communication (e.g. Document Delight), and motion graphics/animation & VFX (e.g. Motionmancer) means at Metamosaic, we are able to offer end-to-end exceptional solution for businesses who want to engage the power of visual to get their message across their target audiences in a more impactful, and appealing manner.

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Using the most current tool and techniques, and combination of skills : creative design, graphic design, copywriting, scripting, cinematography, animation, images/photos, live-elements,  programming, audio mixing, voice-over talent, the Metamosaic’s team and its strategic partners work closely with you to create the most suitable and cost-effective motion graphics /animation videos for your intended business purpose. Whether it is to assist businesses to boost sales, build brand presence, present proposals, conduct training or data visualisation, our goal is to create unique, compelling and high-quality motion graphics/animation videos that, inform and entertain at the same time, connect on an emotional level with your viewers and move the deal for you.

Why not talk to us for a non-obligation free consultation that guarantee to transform the way your business communicate today. We love to help you discover and engage the power of attention-grabbing motion graphics/animation video for:

  • Website landing pages
  • Staff training and e-learning
  • Explanations of your business or products
  • Executive presentations
  • Newsletters
  • & much more

Below are some selected motion graphics/animation videos completed by the Metamosaic team and its partners. Contact us if you are interested to view more of our video projects or looking for a specific type of videos

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