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Case Study: SKY CITY

High level of prestige and contemporary luxury

SKY CITY is a top-notch integrated mixed development in Sabah, offering a very high level of prestige and contemporary luxury. Addressing the client's aim to showcase exclusive lifestyle standards in the region, our team of videographer flew into Kota Kinabalu to shot a mixture of real life footage, including vibrant footage of Kota Kinabalu.To further enhance the complete lifestyle the development has to offered , the director specifically designed the storyboard and to integrate real life actors and actresses into the virtual environment. Special attention was given to the fashion ,making up, lighting etc during the pre production stage, while during the post production pain taking process is taken to ensure the environment can be seamlessly integrated with the real human. The result is a dramatic visual showcase of highly realistic and life-like sequences in vivid lifestyle and leisure activities, privileged hospitality and entertainment plus lavish home-making portrayed with absolute class.

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