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Case Study: ST PAUL

Residential College

ST PAUL'S COLLEGE is a residential college affiliated with the University of Sydney, Australia. Built upon an old world heritage of quality academia, there was a need for new hostel residences to see the college into the next few decades as well as to attract new students without losing the elegant heritage and character of the vintage environment. Working closely with our strategic Partner FlyFox Film in Sydney - who did the entire video shooting, interviews of key architects, designers and the college stalwarts - we managed to inject some spectacular aerial video using an aerial drone. Our task was to video montage the future development into the real life video footage of the existing development. Our team paid special attention to the fly-path of the aerial video, 3d Modelling of the new development, and though 3D tracking we were able to create a seamless video montage marrying the current with the future.

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