AR Property Development Introduction Video

Hi, AR is the new platform of digital media. We will show you how AR can help you gain a visual and functional advantage. But let's understand what AR is. AR stands for Augmented Reality. That means Here is Reality and Here is the Augmentation. As you can see, we can add Virtual Reality on any point of interest in reality. But! How can Augmented Reality help in Property Development?

An example we have created is a comparison between a normal floor plan and a floor plan with augmented reality. We also created a comparison between a normal poster and a poster with augmented reality. Another medium we compared but not limited to are normal pamphlets, and pamphlets with augmented reality.

As presented, with the help of any smartphone you can add more to any marketing collateral than was never thought possible. It is an engaging experience and best of all it's a personal experience. This experience can be added to any existing printed medium.

And, there is more! If ever there are updates or changes to your content, you can do it digitally and people using the app will get the updated experience immediately. You can enhance your marketing drive with augmented reality  and instantly make it more appealing to your audience. More information and functions can be fitted into an ordinary item like a pamphlet, thanks to Augmented Reality.

Now, why not enhance your products today with Mozaiku’s Augmented Reality?